La Cage Aux Folles, Stageworks Fresno 2019

“Kristine Doiel’s sparkly dresses and over-the-top costumes add to the gaudy excess of it all.” The Munro Review, August 1, 2019

Carmen Jones, Fresno State 2019

“One good thing about the time period (1970s) is that it gives a good inspiration for costume designer Kristine Doiel to provide an array of beautifully constructed period costumes, from bell bottoms to white belts. The show’s costume design is a definite strength.”

The Munro Review, May 9, 2019

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley, Fresno State 2018

“This Fresno State production is a visual treat, particularly Regina Harris’ lighting design and Kristine Doiel’s sumptuous period costumes.”

The Munro Review, December 13, 2018

A Streetcar Named Desire, Fresno State 2018

“Kristine Doiel’s period costumes have great attention to detail. “ The Munro Review, May 10, 2018

Trashique, recycled goods fashion show, fundraiser for the Fresno Art Museum 2018

"My favorite piece: Kristine Doiel’s tribute to mid-century designers Charles and Ray Eames. Doiel’s creation, modeled with a strutting certainty by Katerina Guerrero, offered a whimsical tribute to the Eames’ artistic vision. She fashioned a stunning dress boasting a cheerful grid of colors and textures, along with a wide-brimmed “hat” that suggested a giant Eames wedding-cake topper — it also made me think of an immobile mobile — complete with full-sized light bulbs.

My takeaway: Doiel’s design captured something fundamental about the legacy of Charles and Ray Eames, both literally and in creative spirit. It made me want to get online afterward and dive more deeply into these artists." The Munro Review, February 26, 2018  

Mary Poppins, Sierra Repertory Theater 2015

"A Dr. Suess-like troupe of dancers appears to belt out a lively tune....and it's here that I'll nod to Kristine Doiel for her beautiful costumes, which are a wonder in blinding colors in "Super" and fit eloquently elsewhere." Sierra Lodestar, Calavaras, March 11, 2015

"Suffice it to say, the production team is as marvelous as the actors. While the eyes are feasting on evocative sets, marvelous special effects and dazzling, colorful costumes, the ears are reveling in song." The Union Democrat, Sonora, March 5, 2015

"They'll be engaged by flying kites and flying nanny, toys come o life, imaginative costumes and entertaining singing and dancing."

Stockton Record March 23, 2015

"Kristine Doiel’s memorable costume design is flourishing in “Playing the Game,” and appropriately dusty in “Step in Time.” The range of Doiel’s color palette makes the visual aspect of Mary Poppins a rightfully diverse one. But don’t worry; all of Mary’s iconic costumes make their grand presence throughout the scenes."

 The Road to 1,000 Blog click here to see article  

All My Sons, Sierra Repertory Theater 2014

"The costumes by Kristine Doiel are handsome and appropriate to the era. The costumes worn by Kate and Annie are especially striking."

The Union Democrat, Sonora, Sept. 4, 2014 click here to see article

The Rivals, Ensemble Theater Co. Santa Barbara 1991

" Kristine Doiel's remarkably detailed costumes, provoke the look and feel of the period with an accuracy usually found in larger venues."

L.A. Times, Jan. 24, 1991 click here for full review

"The costumes, which suit the characters to perfection, were designed by Kristine Doiel." Drama-Logue, Feb 7-13, 1991

"The Rivals is a visual treat. Evans (Malaprop), dressed in a deliciously overdone frock designed by Kristine Doiel, takes control of the plays more comic aspects. In addition to her full-steam-ahead costume for Mrs. Malaprop, Doiel has designed a riotously fun, clown-like ensemble for Acres to wear during the play's second act and has dressed the rest of the cast in period-perfect gowns, knee pants and coats cut from sumptuous materials. "

The Press-Courier, Santa Barbara, Jan 24, 1991

The Cocoanuts, Skylight Opera Theater, Milwaukee 1991

The designers, Kristine Doiel, in sparkling costumes; Don Darnutzer, in florescent hot ligting; and Judy Gallen, in flamingo sky silly set; color us happy as a comic book."

Waukesha County Freeman, Milwaukee Dec 12, 1991